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Bible Based Daily Supplement

Designed to Unleash Your Best Self: Natural Nutrition for Peak Energy and Health!

Proudly Produced Using

  • Organic
    Farming Practices
  • Patented “Raw Herbal
    Extraction” Technology

Wisdom was developed by Dr. Patrick Gentempo; a world-renowned chiropractor, a multiple patent-holder for healthcare technologies, documentary filmmaker and host of Christ Revealed. He’s testified in front of Congress and the White House Commission on Complementary and Alternative Medicine, was the CEO of Chiropractic Leadership Alliance for over 23 years, has been featured all over TV, radio and, and his many docuseries have been viewed by millions of people worldwide!

Patrick & His Team Have Been Featured By:

Disclaimer: The following statements are back by decades of peer-reviewed research. Read on to learn more...

30-Seconds Is All It Takes To
Transform Your Energy Levels,
Revitalizes Your Health!

We bring you WISDOM. The world’s finest all-natural Bible Based herbal supplement.

Wisdom includes 8 Biblical Herbs all of which are backed by decades of our own research and numerous high quality peer-reviewed scientific studies.

Combining these herbs can help you balance stress hormones, helps promote healthy immune function, regulate your metabolism, build strong muscles and bones, and much more.

A countless number of Christians have already experienced the life changing effects of our herbal supplements. And they keep coming back to us again and again!

Our customers know each herb we produce is grown and harvested using 100% safe organic farming practices. And they know we carefully process each herb in our cGMP, manufacturing facility using our patented “Raw Herbal Extraction” technology. To discover more keep reading...

– W., age 72

The fact that Wisdom is comprised of God given ingredients made taking it an easy choice over chemicals.

I feel that these God given ingredients are the way to go! And I love the taste!

D., age 49

"Bought Wisdom because the ingredients were biblically tested and organic."

A., age 67

I was inquisitive about all the naturally Godly prescribed ingredients used to prepare this Wisdom!

The Ingredients Inside Wisdom Have Been Shown To Help Energy, Vitality and More, Naturally, At Any Age!

  • Support a Healthy
    Inflammatory Response

    Helping relieve
    joint pain.

  • Regulate Your
    Stress Hormones

    Giving you peace and serenity

  • Revitalize
    Your Skin

    Rollback the clock, and helps to minimize the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and age spots.

  • Supports Healthy
    Blood Sugar Levels Management

    So you can assist your body against a host of health issues.

  • Detox
    Your Body

    By supporting your liver you protect your family from 1000s of dangerous environmental chemicals

  • Helps Promote Healthy
    Immune Function

    Assists your body in shielding you from foreign bacteria and viruses, naturally.

  • Help Regulate Weight
    and Metabolism

    Burns fat from your buns, hips and upper arms and belly. Eliminate cravings.

  • Encourage
    Antioxidant Activity

    Which protects your organs by helping your body process free radicals in a healthy manner.

  • Supports Muscle And
    Bone Health

    So you can enjoy your favorite activities for years to come

Science is FINALLY beginning to acknowledge the obvious...

God was right all along.

Disclaimer: The following statements are back by decades of peer-reviewed research. Read on to learn more..

  • Turmeric

    “Your branches are an orchard of pomegranates with the choicest of fruits, with henna and nard, with nard and saffron, calamus and cinnamon, with every kind of incense tree, with myrrh and aloes, with all the finest spices.”

    Song of Solomon 4:14

    Curcumin - the active compound in turmeric - has been shown by over 7,000 studies1 to change your life.

    For example, one study published in the Journal Oncogene evaluated a number of different anti-inflammatory compounds from all around the world…

    The scientists discovered that curcumin helps support a healthy inflammatory response!

    Some experts believe turmeric may also help with occasional joint discomfort2, boost skin health3., and combat obesity4.

  • Anise

    “Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye pay tithe of mint and anise and cumin”.

    Matthew 23:23

    Anise has incredible therapeutic effects.

    Anise seed is rich in iron, which helps your body to produce healthy blood cells.

    Since red blood cells carry oxygen around your cells, which is essential for cellular respiration (the process by which our bodies make energy)...

    The more red blood cells you have, the richer in energy you will be.

    Studies also show it’s able to support natural immunity and assist good health5, may assist against stomach ulcers6...

    And can help ease menopause symptoms7 significantly and supports a positive, healthy mood by helping reduce stress and tension8.

  • Cinnamon

    “Take the finest spices: 500 shekels of liquid myrrh, half that amount (250 shekels) of fragrant cinnamon.”

    Exodus 30:23: The Anointing Oil

    Once considered more precious than gold, cinnamon has the most amazing medicinal benefits.

    And the latest scientific research has proven what ancient scholars have known for years...

    For instance, a study9 found that Cinnamon ranks at number 1 out of 26 popular herbs in the world in terms of it’s protective antioxidant levels.

    In fact, cinnamon is packed with over 41 different antioxidant compounds… 10, 11

    Which is why it’s widely used to help heart health12, and stabilize blood sugar levels13.

  • Hyssop

    Purge me with hyssop, and I shall be clean: wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow.

    Psalm 51:7

    Hyssop is a sweet-smelling plant from the mint family.

    It was used in many ceremonial rituals of the Israelites, as burning hyssop typically meant an inner cleansing.

    And recently studies have shown it helps increase circulation which helps your muscles and arteries14.

    It’s also been shown to help soothe muscle pain15.

  • Frankincense

    “On coming to the house, they saw the child with his mother Mary, and they bowed down and worshiped Him. Then they opened their treasures and presented Him with gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh”.

    Matthew 2:11

    Frankincense has been used medicinally for over 2,000 years…

    And is one of the most powerful and healing essential oils on the planet!

    You see, frankincense contains special compounds such as terpenes and boswellic acid…

    And these compounds have been proven by the world’s leading research Universities to be extremely powerful anti-inflammatories.

    Frankincense is also now known to help boost the immune system 16, 17

    For example, researchers have found that frankincense prevents the release of leukotrienes, a key compound that causes inflammation.

    By eradicating leukotrienes, you cut off inflammation at the source, thereby significantly helps to improve the appearance of age spots.

  • Myrrh

    “For the days of their beautification were completed as follows: six months with oil of myrrh”

    Esther, 2:12

    Myrrh is one of the most important essential oils mentioned in the Bible, as it is mentioned countless times.

    From being used as a spice…

    To an anointing oil used in the Tabernacle.

    And as a salve for the anointing of the dead.

    Most famously, it was given to Jesus by the three wise men.

    And since ancient times, Myrrh has been a natural treatment for almost every human affliction from earaches to hemorrhoids.

    And, in fact, one study from the Journal Fitoterapia, found that myrrh oil was more effective than vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant, at fighting free radicals19.

  • Tulsi - Holy Basil

    As legend has it, the women who came to entomb Christ after the Crucifixion did not find his body but instead an empty tomb growing fresh Tulsi20.

    Besides being a great source of holy cleansing…

    Holy Basil is a great source of Vitamin K. Thus it can help play an important role in bone health and heart health.

    It has also been recently shown to support blood glucose, blood pressure and lipid levels”20

    Holy Basil has also been studied21 for it’s anti-anxiety and antidepressant properties and it’s positive effects on memory and cognitive function.

  • Milk Thistle

    This blessed herb has been associated with the Virgin Mary, from the tradition that her milk once fell upon its leaves.

    Today, Milk Thistle is known for its anti-aging effects…

    As it’s many antioxidants can assist both the surface of your skin and your organs.

    And it helps support your kidneys and liver to filter toxins22.

Experience The Wisdom Of The Bible

Calm Your Mind & Heal Your Body

Disclaimer: The following statements are back by decades of peer-reviewed research. Read on to learn more…

  • Tulsi

    Relaxes and Calms your Mind Help Normalize Blood Pressure, Lipids and Glucose

  • Frankincense

    Fortifies Your Immune System Supports Healthy Inflammatory Response

  • Turmeric

    Supports A Healthy Inflammatory Response

  • Myrrh

    Antioxidant to Fight Free Radicals

  • Cinnamon

    Supports A Healthy Inflammatory Response

  • Anise

    Enriches Your Blood
    To Increase Your Energy

  • Hyssop

    Supports Healthy Circulation

  • Milk Thistle

    Support Your Liver and the Body’s Detoxification Pathway

“Our unique extraction process goes all the way from seed to supplement”

After a 10 year long dedication to discovering, testing, and crafting industry leading herbal extraction techniques…

Our extraction process goes all the way from seed to supplement…

This way every batch of WISDOM preserves the life, smell, color and potency of the plant…

Along with the raw, potent, full spectrum healing substances with a heightened therapeutic value that enhances the body's natural healing abilities.

All as if you just picked it straight from the earth.

And You’ll Know Instantly

When You Compare Just A Single Ingredient Of The Competition To Ours…

  • vs.
  • OURS

Has a foul chemical odor and taste with an unnatural distorted coloring.

Pure and Earthy taste, scent and color, just as if you picked it fresh from the wild.

It all starts with Our Patented
“Raw Herbal Extraction” Process


First, the process starts with choosing the freshest highest quality herbs.

We only use certified organic herbs… And they are always harvested from the cleanest farms. 


Secondly, to protect the herbs, we make sure we are good stewards of the land.

We do this by adhering to organic principles and using green, eco-friendly technology…

And this reduces the strain on the local and global environment.

And lastly...


The Extraction Process Preserves the Sanctity of Each and Every Herb...

Other companies try to squeeze every last dollar out of the plant. Which is why they’ll expose your extract to toxic metal containers and tubes, high heat and alcohol for fast extraction.

We take the slow and steady approach... your extract will be contained in all clean glass vessels.

We use a LONG and SLOW cold processing extraction technology…

This way we preserve all the prized elements of each ingredient to create the most powerful essence of its healing nature.

And we only use the finest organic vegetable glycerin and triple distilled water exclusively for our extraction process.

3 Effective Ways To Use Wisdom

  • Just 1-2 Droppers
    Per Day

    Simply place two small droppers on your tongue, at any point during the day.

  • Add To Your Salads, Smoothies or Teas For Extra Flavor

    Wisdom has the perfect flavor so it’s perfect to add to meals or beverages, such as smoothies, salads, teas, lemonades or even your morning coffee.

  • Apply To Your Skin
    Before Bed.

    Apply to skin before bed and let Wisdom tighten, revitalize and moisturize skin while you sleep.

  • No
  • Gluten
  • Dairy
  • Soy
  • Sugar
  • Non
  • No

Here's what just a few of our loyal customers have told us:

– M, age 62

I feel in control of my health. My energy is better and so is my sleep since using Wisdom.

I loved that it’s organic and that it contains so many beneficial herbs to help the body and soul.

– L, age 64

Since I'm on Wisdom, I can think so much better. Father has reminded me of how many times I would cry out to Him saying "PLEASE GIVE ME WISDOM!"

Now He chuckles when I ask and leads me to my supplement cupboard and there is WISDOM!!

– K, age 61

Since I started Wisdom I have had more energy, I don't wake up as many times at night, I don't feel bloated after every time I eat.

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Wisdom Is An All Natural Bible Based Supplement That Everyone Can Enjoy

  • On-The-Go

    Perfect for on-the-go individuals who are looking for more energy, reduction in stress and a boost in their immune system.

  • Active

    Helps reduce joint inflammation, revitalizes the skin and normalizes blood sugar & pressure for many more healthy and vital years.

  • Fitness

    Helps regulate your metabolism, supports occasional muscular pain and increases your circulation making it perfect for the fitness enthusiasts.

Life Changing Energy And Vitality
Your Money Back!

Invest in Wisdom today at our deeply discounted new-customer only rates.

In the unlikely event that you aren’t 100% thrilled with the results...

Contact our US-based customer support team…

And you’ll get a full and prompt refund, no questions asked.

Plus, you can even return one open bottle!

In a way, you’re not even buying Wisdom today.

You’re just taking it for a test-drive…

Because if you’re unhappy for any reason, you can get a full and prompt refund, no questions asked.

Patrick Gentempo
Jr., DC

Dr. Patrick Gentempo, is a world-renowned chiropractor, diagnostic technology patent holder, and documentary filmmaker.

For over 23 years he served as CEO of Chiropractic Leadership Alliance. There he helped create a patented technology called “The Insight”. It’s used today in over 8000 doctor’s offices around the world.

Because of all of this many consider him an expert in health… Which is why he’s testified in front of Congress and to the White House Commission on Complementary and Alternative Medicine. He’s been featured in and has appeared on numerous TV and radio shows, and his TedX talk has been seen by more than 248,000 people.

More recently, with his business partner, Jeff Hays, he created the highly regarded documentary series - “Christ Revealed”. During which time he traveled the world seeking out the top experts, researchers and scientists in order to unravel the truth of Christ and the Resurrection.

And since then he’s latest mission is to bring together the wisdom of the Bible to help people live a long, healthy and vital life, full of energy. Which Dr. Patrick is quoted saying:

“As you know you could spend a lifetime learning the scripture and STILL never get it all. The lessons in the bible benefit us in many ways - especially in our experience of life and in our health.

This is why my team and I went on an extensive research mission to create a formula using only the most potent & scientifically backed herbs in the Bible. This way we could commune with the Wisdom from the body in our body, heart and our spirit every single day. And, anyone, no matter what their age… can have increased energy, vitality, strength, mental clarity, a healthy weight, and better mood and more!”

Patrick & His Team Have Been Featured By:

Great Value
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  • $59.

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TOTAL: $59

180 Days
Money Back Guarantee

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Best Value
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Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Wisdom Taste Like?
Wisdom tastes absolutely delicious!

Because we use such rich and flavorful nutrients, Wisdom tastes fantastic - even though we don’t add any stevia or sweetener.

You can add Wisdom to salads, teas, drinks and more for an extra health boost!
Is there Gluten, Dairy, Soy, Sugar, Corn or GMOs?
No. Wisdom does NOT contain any major allergens, zero sugar, and is GMO free.
How Should I Take Wisdom?
For best results, take one - two droppers of Wisdom per day.

You can also add Wisdom to meals, salads, drinks and teas.

And you can even put it on your skin before bed, to reduce wrinkles and more.
How Many Bottles Should I Order?
Most of our new customers opt for the 3 and 6 bottle option which gives you a 3 to 6 month supply.

And that’s what I recommend to get started…. Not only will you see the most benefits by 180 days, but you are also fully protected by the 180 day no questions asked, money back guarantee.

You can take advantage of the largest discount we’ve ever offered…

… And lock in our lowest price ever of just $39 per bottle.
Can I Buy Wisdom In Stores?
The answer is no and here’s why.

In order to keep our high standard of quality, yet keep prices low, we’ve cut out the middleman and deliver Wisdom right to your doorstep.

And with the special new customer promotion we’re running, you can stock up on Wisdom at the lowest price we’ve ever offered!
Will I Be Enrolled In A Subscription When I Order Today?
No. Your order today is a one-time payment and you will not be billed again.

We’re simply giving you the opportunity to stock up at a great price, before we run out of stock.
When will my order arrive?
If you're reading this letter, inventory is available and when you order now, you will instantly receive an order confirmation email. You can relax then because we are working hard to get your order out the door to you as quickly as possible!

We will ship your order directly to your home or office using a premium mail carrier and you will get tracking and updates during the whole shipping process.
What If It Doesn’t Work For Me? Is There A Guarantee?

Every order of Wisdom comes with a 180-day, 100% money-back guarantee.

If you don’t experience remarkable results on your first bottle…

Including significantly more youthful energy, better sleep, improved digestion, and much less muscle, nerve and joint pain…

Then simply contact our US-based customer support team and we’ll refund every penny of your order, no questions asked.

To qualify, just be kind to us and send us back your single used bottle of Wisdom + any other unused bottles from your order. If you send us back more than one used bottle this will not qualify, as that is taking advantage of our kindness.

We’re still a small American run business, so we hope you understand our generosity.

Again, just simply contact our US-based customer support team, they will kindly guide you through the process and we’ll refund every penny of your order, no questions asked.
How Do I Get Started?
That’s the best part! It couldn’t be any easier.

Simply scroll below and select either the 1, 3 and 6 bottle options. Then, you’ll be taken to our secure order form.

Take just 60 seconds to enter your billing information. And that’s it.

Our guys in the warehouse will immediately get your order into first class shipping and you can get started with the life-changing properties of Wisdom ASAP.

So, go ahead and click on the button below to place your order and lock in your discount.
Is Wisdom fully organic?
Yes, here at Wisdom nutrition we believe God blessed the earth with these nutritionally dense herbs and ingredients. We take every step necessary to only use the highest quality organic ingredients

Take a look at our ingredients label and you’ll notice that it’s all fully organic! label-FAQ-sales label-FAQ-sales

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Great Value
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TOTAL: $59

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